artisan products

handcrafted with art, heart & care

When it comes time to order your artwork, we help take the overwhelm out by having especially prepared guides, samples, tools and mockups to help you visualise your artwork in your space.



Show what you love

Surround yourself with artwork inspired by and created from what you love. Celebrate who you are and be reminded of what you love everyday. Whether you choose to frames, canvases or framed canvases for your wall art portraits, you can be assured beautiful quality materials are used, and all wall art comes with quality gallery hanging attachments already in place. Artwork arrives ready to hang, nothing else for you to do but enjoy.





For those who are still on the move in life, or where space is at a premium, these coffee table storybook albums are lavish in the detail they can hold within their pages. They also make incredibly meaningful gifts to special friends and family. Artfully designed editorial style layouts show all the photos you love from your portrait session, printed on photographic paper and mounted to a sturdy archival page foundation by a professional book binder.




matted prints

Perhaps one of the most versatile ways to keep your portrait collection is in these folio boxes. Depending on how you want to store your portraits, these can be great for putting some on display and keeping the rest protected from dust and light. They also make it simple to share around a family that may be going their separate ways in time. This can be a private tribute to the things most precious to you. A true personal luxury.




an album on the wall

Storyboards capture the essence of you by blending the elements of your photo session with personalized details to tell so much more than just a single portrait. Curated and artfully arranged these highly customisable storyboards offer the perfect hybrid displays for the images from your portrait session. Combining the best of album appeal with the artistic function of a wall display.




the worlds we dream in

These composted artworks are a portal into the dimensions where the union of sacred wildness and the innocence of our dreams are not limited by our five senses and the static world. We should never dismiss our dreams and never overlook the symbology that calls us home. Always being reminded to explore, create, capture, celebrate, remember and never forget.



stationery & cards

share the love

It’s never a waste of time to stop and reflect on the highlights and achievements of our past year. And it’s never a bad idea to make the most of all the love and joy we have in our lives. If you are discerning about who you share your joys and highlights with you will love these thoughtfully prepared cards & stationery ideas that are perfect for celebrations with your inner circles.



We’ve gotten rid of our session fees, now you just pay a non-refundable booking fee that turns into 100% credit towards artwork you purchase during our ordering session. (Works perfectly for gift vouchers!)


Signature photo sessions

Typically 1 - 2 hrs

Multiple locations possible & change of outfits encouraged

$450 deposit


artisan photo sessions

Typically 20 - 30 mins

One location & one set up of your choice

$120 deposit

(only available seasonally,

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headshot sessions

Typically 15 - 20 mins

studio set up

includes your choice of 3 images

additional images available @ $100ea



a pricing guide for our artisan products



16 x 20” | $600

20 x 30” | $750

30 x 40“ | $1250

40 x 60” | $2150



10 pages | $1200

20 pages | $1800

40 pages | $3000


Matted Prints



8 | $1200

12 | $1800

25 | $3000



8 | $2200

12 | $3200

25 | $5500


Our clients are frequently reminding us that having professional portraiture created is something you didn’t know you would treasure as much as you do until you see the finished product, and realise that you will never again have a chance to capture this time and space.

We’d love to hear what you would like to capture.