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The creation of every portrait series begins with a conversation, about who is going to be photographed, what the overall tone of the portrait series could be, who is going to be a part of the process and what elements are going to be included to make it unique and authentic for the people who are going to enjoy the portraits.

When it comes to Investing in a series of portraits you want to work with a photographer you can trust to see and capture the intimacy, connection and love you are surrounded by, and that may or may not be us.

If you think it might be we would love to hear from you with the following details and then we can see if we are going to be a good match to create some beautiful and meaningful portraits together.

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Hi my name is

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Our private creative studio in tranquil west Lake Macquarie on the NSW coast is where the behind the scenes magic happens, where all sorts of ideas are cooked up and marinated in - ultimately to create something timeless, meaningful and authentic for lovers and dreamers, believers and achievers like you.



Julia Johnston

PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHER, creative superintendent

Born in Tasmania. Raised by Devils and Tigers… these days she likes being barefoot on or near the water exploring the natural worlds, internal and external. She believes that hustle is for the short term, art comes before housework, and that home isn’t necessarily somewhere that can be found on a map. She loves long lazy afternoons and thinks rainy days are the best for inspiration. She will tell you that creativity is not a gift, it is a way of living. She wants you to embrace your story, shine your light, express your truth, share what you love and celebrate living.


Romel Gutierrez

chief drone pilot, LOGISITCAL & IT genius

From the land of Rum and Pirates… this Caribeño now enjoys life in the slow lane with his peliroja. He always seems to magically have all the resources he could ever need at his fingertips but don’t try to rush him, he doesn’t like that. He has zero fear of missing out on anything too structured or contrived. He’ll be the one to encourage you to embrace your dark side and explore your shadow. He’ll also always tell you to follow your heart. When he’s not flying around the world on the flight sim he will most likely be found not too far from the water, glass in hand.